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Why choose HYPIX for your needs?

Our dedicated team of industry professionals will take care of everything you need. With a growing number of strategies, experience, and tenacity, you'll get the personal care you deserve and work on the boldest strategies you've ever dreamed of.

  • Proven Track Record

  • Outstanding Professionalism

  • Unlimited Creativity

  • Always on Point

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Turning your crypto project into a trend

We drive results for our clients in a transparent way by combining a wide variety of services.

Hypix is a marketing and public relations agency that specializes in promoting and establishing cryptocurrency and blockchain brands in the digital sphere. Hypix knows how to make your projects go viral through a combination of marketing services presented by professionals in a non-invasive way.

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Tom Kambs


Hypix is ready to boost
your cryptocurrency project's presence

  • Transparent
  • Growth Oriented
  • Expert Execution
  • Personal Care

    Hypix will work closely with your team to achieve the target of your campaign.

  • Detailed Reporting

    Receive a full implementation plan and consistent performance reports throughout the campaign period.

Hypix is your personal assistant

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  • High-Converting Strategies

    Get unique advertising creatives that can reveal a new angle of marketing of your existing project.

  • Personalized Campaigns

    Hypix offers a wide variety of flexible services that can be formulated carefully to create the ultimate blend of both exposure and community retention, vital for any crypto startup or working businesses.

Your success is our success.

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  • Exceeding Expectations

    We set a high bar and strive to exceed it every time, with customer satisfaction as our focus. Hypix will meet and exceed your expectations by providing complete expert assistance on all cryptocurrency related matters.

  • Scaling on Demand

    We know how to network, and our expanding roster of freelancers can cover a project of any size.

Over 30 years of combined experience.

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HyPix services are built around all your business needs. Find Your Solution

Take your crypto company
to the next level