Hi I am Sebastian Ladell an Influencer Manager and Content Writer for the Hypix Marketing Agency and here’s our guide on how to Dominate Twitter and increase engagement across your Accounts.


With Twitter playing a major part in connecting the crypto space in terms of veteran users and onboarding new users into “CT” or Crypto Twitter it is by no surprise that the majority of new and existing projects focus large amounts of their marketing budgets on upping their follower count through visually attractive or engaging content. Most however are ineffective, we’ve all seen those 0-1 year old projects that have over inflated follower counts of over 100k and barely scrape by with 30 likes per post.

This can be due to many things, first off, Twitter is a hub of information and trending content. With an unseen algorithm that can make or break an account, through either not promoting content or even shadowbanning accounts. It is a beast that must be handled carefully or you will find yourself throwing larger and larger sums of money at influencers who can only provide a short term boon in engagement, but no one really sticks around, because if your account isn’t naturally drawing people in then there is something fundamentally wrong and you need to go back to the basics. 

In this Article we would like to explain a handful of methods you can start using immediately to turn things around and start engaging with the community. 

Your Twitter BIO Game

Depending on what sort of account you are running, your Twitter Bio must be optimized and suited to your Niche. 

Heres an example of a bad bio for a Swap Protocol
“Random Swap is the best open-source protocol in all DEFI providing all the tools needed to make fast transactions based off AMM using deep on chain liquidity on  BSC #RandomSwap #Swap #Crypto #DEFI”

And here is an example of an Optimized Precise BIO

– “Bringing real world currency to the blockchain”

Very basic, but applicable to a company such as Tether

“Borrow, Leverage or Earn Yield. 🔥

Enjoy the Magic #Wizard. 🔮

$MIM $SPELL Discord: http://discord.com/invite/mim”

Notice what @MIM Spell does best here:

  • Provide a clear headline showing exactly what their protocol does
  • Drop a short but sweet catchphrase followed by a relevant hashtag and emoji
  • Provide the relevant  “Cashtags” that can be directly linked to their tokens.
  • Provide a link to their communities main social platform.   

These 4 points to us indicate efficiency and mechanical knowledge of how twitter and people work.

You may come across hashtags used for a “call to arms”, such as “#ShibArmy” however this is something usually created by the community and after endorsed by the project themselves, this can be used as an overwhelming engagement tool as many users don’t always know what to say so will just drop a hashtag then close twitter happy knowing they have “done their part” for their investment. Though sometimes seen as spammy, like it or lump it, it’s happening and is in most cases an overall net positive for any project.

Influencer Management and Aggressive Marketing Techniques

As noted before, many projects pump large amounts of money into influencers or one trick ponies in hopes that it will gain momentum for their follower count and overall engagement on their regular non promoted posts. This can be the case but it must be handled with a very well thought out and thorough marketing strategy that both the project’s marketing team and the influencers must be a part of and on the same page.

You cannot simply pay random influencers and expect their one time soulless shill post to generate genuine interest, unless you are a unicorn project that hasn’t yet had any exposure. But in most cases, regardless of what or who you are, people simply don’t care enough to put money into a project without credibility. So, how do we tackle this effectively? Here are a few methods our Crypto PR and Public Relations, Mass Media Coverage and Influencer Marketing Teams at HyPix.Agency use regularly to generate stable and consistent growth.

  1. Strategy Strategy Strategy – Everything must be totally symbiotic, that is making sure all teams are working together to create a Strategy inline with the overall projects Roadmap, Devtimes, Content Releases, Articles, Blogs and Updates. Everything must be in sync for maximum effect. One cannot be without the other.
  2. Consistency – Aside from the grand plan, regular posts must be made in line with the current market trend, this can be done via memes, quirky but non offensive remarks, providing analysis, connecting with the community via replies and pulse checks.
  3. Graphic Design – All posts should be accompanied by high quality and unique designs specific to either your token or product, these can be rotated in cycles of 10-15 or ideally work with a PR company to provide consistent and fresh infographics and relevant pieces to help draw in readers and in turn, investors. 
  1. Networking – Create long lasting relationships with other brands or influencers. Doing so will give you the well needed *Consistent* exposure and credibility by having Influencers regularly post, discuss and reply to your posts and about your product, perhaps have them join your AMA as guest hosts or surprise experiences. This is huge, no one time shill posts, a regular long term relationship to involve your and their community members in events and such is both good for your and their engagement. 
  1. Voice Chats and AMAs – Vital in current conditions, it is good to allow your current and potentials to be able to hear from you, connect and ask questions or raise concerns, to know you are human and let them see behind the mask. This can be very daunting for many project owners as they are completely open to criticism or being recorded. If you find this to be true in your case, let us handle it for you by deploying our specialist voice agents to ease the process and let it run smoothly. This if done regularly will fully send your account to the next level.

Final thoughts. 

Be true to what you are, don’t panic or overpost, plan with precision, connect with the relevant teams, take part and enjoy the experience and watch your engagement grow. This cannot be simply paid to different agents it must be cohesive and in unison with your vision.

For further information or to connect with our Crypto PR and Social Media Marketing Teams at Hypix.Agency please do not hesitate to send us an email: hello@hypix.agency

Take control of your media.

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