How to Dominate all Media Platforms with our all in one Marketing Strategy

Ascend To New Levels With Our Multiemedia Marketing Guide

Introducing the well known Social Media Platforms that we all love to hate and hate to love, digging deeper on how they can be beneficial yet detrimental to your brand or project. And how you can Ascend to new levels and increase engagement across all platforms.

Starting with Twitter

Twitter is a “Microblogging” and Networking platform which allows users to create posts (Tweets) including text, gifs, videos, images and very importantly Hashtags and Cashtags. With a very unique Algorithm users can take advantage of current trends and promote certain projects or ideas with proper texting and usage of Hash and Cashtags.

Twitter is famous for creating many Sub-Communities, one of them being Crypto Twitter or CT for short, home to the good and bad this is the wild west, where Projects live and die by their word. It takes a professional user to navigate this space, and there are no breaks. Trends move lightning fast.

Next we have Facebook

Facebook being the topdog for the past 10 or more years. It is home to the everyday guy and gal, mums, dads, kids and grandparents posting, liking and sharing anything they find funny. It has over 2.9 Million users, having that many accounts opens many doors for individuals, projects and companies to raise awareness for their products and brands. 

This is a huge and largely untapped market for the majority of Crypto projects as most simply either do not see the value or have the time or expertise needed to handle the task, this is a very different to twitter as users are not bunched together into a “Crypto Facebook”, you would be managing users from all backgrounds for:

  1. Facebook Pages – A direct page for your brand, product, project or business, users can like and follow all your posts, post replies, reviews and send you direct messages.
  2. Livestreams – It is very important in this market to be able to have a confident voice for your image. It provides a much needed source of credibility and in our experience at HyPix, increases your engagement tenfold. 
  3. Facebook Groups – Much like Telegram and Facebook this is very beneficial to create a sense of community and comradery for your product. It also promotes users to go out and shill on their own with the use of hashtags and inviting friends.
  4. Facebook Ads – This is a valuable tool if done correctly with the right target in mind, however done wrong it can be a costly endeavor and should be avoided unless you have with absolute certainty that it is within facebook’s terms of service and will not break your budget. 


Owned by Facebook is a platform with 1.4 billion accounts Home to many Key Influencers that soft and hardshill products, brands can create credibility and awareness through endorsed Livestreams and posts that may include Images, Videos and Text which when the correct niche is targeted can skyrocket your community and in turn, increase the potential for new customers.  


The Ultimate source for Educational and Entertaining videos, this is the platform of unlimited potential with over 2.6 Billion active users and 30+ Billion hours watched Monthly this is one of the best, if not the best platforms out there to promote your brand, this can be done through two ways.

  1. Create your own YouTube channel which can be used to post an Introduction Video, regular Product updates and Livestreams. 
  2. Influencer Marketing, YouTube is home to a whole host of highly influential characters with millions of subscribers and cult-like followers. They range from creating funny videos, reviews to educational and inspirational videos. Hired correctly they can in our experience 10-100x your brand awareness and when placed within a long term highly formulated marketing strategy create an uptrend that will last for years to come.

This can be a very costly process and done without proper planning will only provide a short term gain, if that. 


Effectively hitting all your social media goals can be quite a daunting task, many projects hand it over to individuals who may or may not be professional in their designated media outlet which once paid and posts are made can bring a sense of relief to project owners. However the results that initially seem positive can quite quickly start to collapse, either they aren’t posting with the algorithm, current market trend, marketing strategy or roadmap in mind.

In many cases they will straight up pay for bots and fake engagement, which will totally destroy any credibility and the cascading effect will ruin your project across all platforms. This is why hiring on an individual basis can be a huge risk to your project and security.

Our Solution
Let us explain the importance and benefits of having an experienced Multi-Media Marketing team.

As a brief summary of the risks of the “freelance” or individual hires have been stated, let us give you an example of the alternative. Hiring a cohesive team of highly trained professionals that have worked together on many projects and have an infrastructure in place to generate the most efficient and forward thinking results.

An example of a HyPix 24 hour Multimedia Operation.

The Team may consist of:

  • Multimedia Leader – Job is to sign off all long term and weekly/ monthly growth campaigns to assure they are in line with the overall marketing strategy. 
  • 2 Accounts Managers – They will handle the day to day accounts, specializing in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Linkedin. This will be split between scheduling regular posts, replying to comments, checking inboxies and various other tasks or off strategy posting (which we fully trust due to experience)
  • Influencer Manager – An Individual that will work directly with the Media Leader to budget and broker the best deals with our current partners for your project, they are constantly seeking and improving our database of contacts to be able to cut costs whilst increasing net gains for all parties. 
  • 1 Graphics Designer – They will be tasked with creating infographics, art for content and memes directly related to the weekly growth campaign. This will reinforce the credibility of our Account Managers posts. A 2nd may be brought in from our other team if needed at no extra cost to the original contract.
  • AMA and Voice-Chat Specialist – This is performed by two of our best inspirational speakers, both with a degree in psychology and public speaking. They will be able to answer any and all questions, dismantle fud and create a positive and credible environment for your community. Actors may be deployed in times of fud to keep things active. 
  • Market Analyst – This role is performed by a separate team of 4 that works to provide daily and weekly analysis for HyPix including Technical Analysis for the Crypto and Stock market + Current trending topics across all social media and global finance. This we source directly to all team managers including our “Multimedia Leader” who will implement according to the weekly growth strategy to ensure the relevant posts are being made and risk is being applied correctly.

With a team like this, (for example) you can rest assured that ALL of your social media needs are being handled professionally and this allows the core team and developers the well needed peace of mind and clear thought for what is next. All updates and queries can be communicated directly to the Media Leader and rapid action can be taken to take your project to the next level.


Don’t waste your time and marketing fund hiring individuals and expecting immediate results, this will take a very long time to create the synergy required for a top performing Multi Media Marketing Team to be effective. 

Cut costs by hiring a professional team with years of experience working together.

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