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Public Relations & Mass Media Coverage

Public Relations and Mass Media Outreach are some of the most effective ways to build credibility, expand your reach above your current community and improve on communication with the public.

As the cryptocurrency industry is in its infancy, over 60% of the value that companies receive comes from public image. Maintaining a favorable relationship with your target audience has strong advantages over direct advertising and serves to directly showcase what the company can and has accomplished throughout its existence. Some of the most significant advantages of a PR campaign are:

  • Promoting and reinforcing brand values
  • Strengthening relationships with your community
  • Building credibility
  • Expands your reach


The cost-effectiveness of a PR campaign makes it an attractive tool for crypto companies and projects to achieve greater ROI than other forms of direct advertising, as it is picked up by various news outlets and presents the project in a natural way.

Hypix’s mass media outreach features reaching out to all relevant traditional and fintech publications globally with the goal of getting your project featured in the most prominent cryptocurrency publications such as Cointelegraph, CryptoBriefing, CoinSpeaker, NewsBTC, etc. as well as the most notable traditional fintech publications such as Forbes, BusinessInsider, TechTimes, Yahoo Finance, etc.


  • Media Distribution Kit
  • Content writing
  • Press releases (70+ distributors)
  • Narration and storytelling
  • Highlighting innovation and partnerships
  • Email coverage
  • Media events
  • Sponsored events and philanthropy
  • Award nominations
  • Crisis and Reputation Management
  • Co-branding and partnership opportunities

All these activities are carried out through Hypix’s well-organized teams of specialists who formulate a cohesive marketing strategy, and which is carefully implemented within a schedule that promotes healthy brand recognition. Establishing trust and building whilst rapidly expanding through the space.