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Video Production 101

Learn how to utilize Video Content in your Project

Essentially Video Production and Promotion is the act of creating clips and posting them on various platforms to be seen by other users, with subjects ranging from but not limited to Education, News, Gaming, Product Reviews, Lifestyle and Finance. With the most highly grossed videos being in the  Entertainment and Gaming Category, Content Creators such as  PewDiePie have amassed over 111 Million Followers on YouTube alone.

A highly skilled YouTube Influencer can generate a huge amount of engagement in their Niche, be that a certain game or a product they are promoting. Giving them multiple sources of income, firstly from the Platform itself, YouTube pays its creators via PPAV (Pay Per Ad View), without this the creator doesn’t receive a payment from the platform.

This is where some creators may opt to promote a 3rd party product as their source of income, such as a platform, service, courses or their “Opinions” on Financial Projects such as Cryptocurrencies and more.

These videos come in many formats, here’s some Statistics from the two industry Giants. With YouTube averaging 11.7 minutes per video and the maximum length being 12 hours and TikTok’s much shorter video format averaging around 21 – 34 seconds and the maximum length being 10 minutes long. These variations in video length offer Video Producers flexibility on how best to target their audience and grow their following or fulfill promotional agreements.

In our eyes there are many benefits to each style with YouTube’s full length uploads offering a much longer video length time it would for example allow Creators to promote a Financial service in much more detail without a time constraint, done correctly this can be a huge engagement boost for their clients. On the other hand the shorter videos on TikTok have taken the younger generation by storm with over 1 Billion active users since its inception in 2016 and the average attention span plummeting. Clients may prefer a more viral styled promotion with easily shareable and quick to digest content.

A note to add, YouTube has developed a short section that allows under a minute content giving creators a way to promote via quick and more lengthy videos.

How does it boost your brand – Having a variety of these videos promoting your brand is highly beneficial and we believe entirely necessary for a multitude of reasons, firstly getting your brand endorsed by a well known and highly trusted figure brings legitimacy and validity to your promotion. Secondly, getting your name further exposed to the public can send your Marketing Strategy to new highs as more searches, clicks, followers and potential investors take interest in your work.

However these influencers can be quite costly and if purchased without being part of a larger marketing strategy can appear irregular and perhaps desperate. Generally you will want to have these influencers work alongside you providing regular updates or being cycled with other Video Creators to form consistency over the various platforms. Trending via long term and regular searches.

HyPix’s Solution:

  1. Have our Funding Managers open dialog with you and discuss you Marketing Strategy and budget for Video Content.
  2. We will then review your social stats
  3. Our Influencer Manager will contact our readily available and data analyzed Influencer list and formulate a short to long term strategy according to your marketing budget to create a consistent flow of Video Content.
  4. We will then create a growth prediction for the short and long term and if satisfied begin within 24-48s of signing, or when you wish us to deploy.
  • Note 1

    Youtube has 2.1 Billion users and TikTok have over 1 Billion

  • Note 2

    Most Viral Videos are under 1 minute long.

  • Note 3

    Video Content is one of the most Net Positive types of Marketing a Project can utilize.

How do we know the value of the Video Creators you purchase for us?

Each and every influencer on our list regularly updates our Influencer Manager who then adds the data to our companies files. We track not only their current statistics but also their previous, which allows us to look for upcoming prospects before they get big and broker long term deals more affordably.

What's the best time to hire influencers? Just before and after an update?

Yes, hiring around project updates will bring results however we believe a consistent plan being set in place alongside and part of a greater marketing strategy is the most viable, healthy and organic way to trend your project.

What if an Influencer doesn't do what we want?

We cannot force them to create exactly what we want, they have their own style of content and we must respect that. However contracts are in place with minimum requirements that will be discussed.